Emergency FIRST AID – 1 Day Trainng Course

The Level 3 Emergency First Aid At Work course is designed to ensure that on completion of the course delegates are aware of how to handle first aid related emergencies in the workplace.



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– The roles and responsibilities of a first aider

– How to assess an incident

– How to assess an unresponsive casualty

– How to manage a casualty who is bleeding (severe and minor)

– How to manage a casualty who is in shock

– Seizures, choking and fainting

– Burns and scalds



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If an employer has identified that first-aiders are needed in their workplace, they must ensure that those identified to be first aiders undertake training appropriate to the need. This course is designed for people who want to receive training in emergency first aid and is especially suited for nominated first aiders in smaller, low risk working environments.



Successful candidates will receive an Emergency First Aid at Work Level 3 certificate – in compliance with the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 that is valid for a period of three years.



The course duration is 1 day.