The COSHH course informs the delegates of the dangers of chemical substances and aims to make sure that you or your company follow the relevant rules and regulations.

How long is the COSHH course?
3 Hours

Who should attend the COSHH course?
Suitable for a broad range of individuals from a host of industries; those who use, store, handle, transport or manufacture hazardous substances

When does my COSHH certificate expire?
Three years

Course Objectives

By the end of the COSHH training course, the delegate will:

  • understand the risks of handling and storing hazardous substances, relevant to their industry
  • have gained further knowledge in the classification, packaging, and labeling of hazardous substances
  • have a basic overview of recognizing, measuring, and managing exposure to harmful chemical substances
  • possess a greater awareness of the Chemical Regulations 2015 legislation

Course Content

The content covered by the COSHH training course includes:

  • The different forms of biological and chemical agents
  • Classifying substances
  • Specific agents and their health hazards
  • Routes of entry
  • Who is COSHH for?
  • Limits of workplace exposure
  • Control measures
  • Health risk surveys
  • Environmental issues
  • Practical risk assessments

The tutor tailors the training to the client’s needs; it is an effective way of teaching a particular organization about substances relevant to them. The course can also cover the relevant risks that the workers will face. In comparison to a general overview, the trainer can help specific organizations implement procedures that everyone will understand, as opposed to delivering a generic course.

What is Required to Pass the COSHH Course?

Delegates will be assessed through a short assessment paper at the end of the course. The Delegate’s contribution will also be assessed by the tutor throughout the course.

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